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Aidan Simpson

Recent work / 2011–2017

I'm a product & visual designer with twelve years experience.
I'm based in California & currently work at Google.
Logo Photos

Google Photos:


Design lead \ California \ 2016–17

Relive and share your favorite moments with photo books.
Design lead for web, iOS and Android apps.
Logo Method

Method Podcast

Host, Producer and Editor \ 2016–Present

A podcast about the people who design and build Google products
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Logo Photoscan

Google PhotoScan

Design Lead \ California \ 2016

Photos from the past, meet scanner from the future.
Logo Gsa

Google Search

UX Designer \ California \ 2014–16

Immersive search results, Mini-apps, micro formats.
Logo Maps

Goolge Maps

UX Designer \ Australia \ 2013–14

Tactile Maps update, mobile ad creation, Maps Lite, Android place picker.
Logo Keep

Google Keep

UX Lead \ Australia \ 2011–12

Concept, design & implementation of Google's first core note taking app.
Logo Drive

Google Drive

UX Designer \ Australia \ 2011–13

Google Drive product launch, Docs integration, Docs editor tools framework.